4 Reasons Recruiters Are Becoming the New Hiring Managers

There was a time in the not-so-distant past where recruiters were rare. Typically, they were used to find workers for short-term assignments, in high-turnover or seasonal industries, or in specialized industries.

These days, though, recruiters are a common gatekeeper between the company and job seekers of all types. Here are four reasons we see this trend continuing.

1. Leverage

Many small companies are realizing that they don”t need full-time managers to handle a variety of jobs that used to be done in-house.

Instead, they can use a staffing agency or recruiter at the time that they”re looking for a new candidate. It”s becoming a good idea for applicants to develop relationships with recruiters, compared to small companies that rarely hire.


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2. Legalities

Companies are increasingly nervous about violating employment laws. When they outsource hiring decisions, they”re also outsourcing the risk associated with them. They”re also hiring expertise that it might be hard to develop in house, particularly in a small company where a hiring manager might have too many tasks to keep up on changes in employment law as a result of legislation or litigation.

3. Hiring people is a science

Whatever the company does as its core competency in business, it”s probably a very different function than the science of hiring people. For example, if you are an IT company where network servers are the focus, your knowledge is probably related to the servers. Recruiters, on the other hand, have the interpersonal and character-related skills to understand what type of person will make a good fit, beyond the technical capabilities of the candidate (which they”ll also ensure).

4. Mysterious values

When it comes to hot commodities like healthcare or IT jobs, there”s a question that occurs on both sides of the equation: What”s the going rate for this role? In industries that are in demand and changing every month, it”s common for salaries to run a wide gamut, and that can be used to the advantage of either side.

Sites like Glassdoor.com and others have encouraged sharing of salaries, and if an employer sees they”ve overpaid or an employee realizes they”re underpaid, problems arise. That”s a big part of why recruiters are being trusted to give professional opinions on market-standard salaries for IT jobs and other trending careers.


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