4 Skin-Care Essentials to Take with You When You Travel

Taking your daily skin-care and beauty products on the road with you might seem a questionable task, but it’s definitely possible if you reduce your packing to the bare essentials.

The goal is to create a miniature kit that will serve you throughout a variety of potential scenarios during your upcoming trip … whether you’re going for a swim, relaxing in a hammock, or attending business meetings all day.

Get some travel bottles and Ziploc bags ready. Here are the four essentials to pack for your trip.

1. Cleanser

This is the backbone of daily skin care; cleanser is a must-have. Make sure you prioritize this before all other skin-care products.

Cleanser can help you refresh once or twice a day by removing dirt and debris from your face. It can transform the way you feel after long flights, layovers, and day-long outings. Make sure you pack a gentle cleanser, since your skin will be dry after your flights.


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2. Toner

Carry a small travel bottle of this in your purse so you can dab it on when you need a quick refresher. Its purpose is to clean up excess oil that makes your skin shine and tighten up your pores.

Try to find a toner that also moisturizes your skin. Avoid alcohol-based products, because those can really dry it out.

3. Exfoliant

If you plan to be away from home for more than a week, you’ll want to think about bringing an exfoliant. This will give your pores a deep cleanse, which can be extremely refreshing if you end up spending a lot of time outdoors.

A good exfoliant will remove the dry and dead skin that has collected on your face, smooth out your skin, and reduce the likelihood of blemishes. Don’t overdo the exfoliation, though; once a week should be sufficient during your travels.

4. Moisturizing sunscreen

If you plan to spend some time outdoors, basking in the sun, you’ll want to apply sun protection to your face. The skin around your eyes and nose is particularly vulnerable to sun damage. A moisturizing sunscreen will help you fight off dry, flakey, and red skin.

Have you packed the four skin-care essentials listed above for your upcoming trip? Separate the bottles with Ziploc bags to prevent leaks and place them in your check-in baggage.

You don’t need to worry about using hotel skin-care products once you arrive at your destination. Bringing your own solutions will keep your skin looking clean and radiant during your various adventures.


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