4 Things to Consider When Changing Your Diet Habits

So you”re ready change your dietary habits? That”s an excellent path to take, and we want to help you have success and momentum from the start. Here are four things you might not have thought about, but remembering them will help keep you on the straight and narrow.

Know your goal

Sometimes, a vague goal such as “getting healthier” isn”t enough to make the changes stick. What type of health are you trying to achieve? Is there a particular metric you”re shooting for, whether that”s weight, body fat, or blood-work-based? Knowing your goal is the first step toward achieving it.

Changing things will change other things

Sometimes your positive changes will have impacts you didn”t expect. Realize that your body and mind are about to change and be hyper-sensitive to observing how. If you go from a high-calorie diet to an extremely low-calorie one or alter your exercise routine, these healthful changes could have side effects such as anything from dizziness to emotional volatility.


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You”re different

Mass diet advice is almost always wrong, because it fails to do one important thing: Ask you how you”re different.

Are you training for a marathon? Are you 100 pounds overweight? Are you diabetic or sensitive to wheat gluten? All these factors matter. There”s a completely different philosophy forwhat to eat after exercising, or whether to even work out in the first place, depending on what goal you”re shooting for and what your constraints might be. Therefore, always remember that you”re different, and change your habits in the context of those differences.

Your social life matters

It”s not just what you put into your stomach that”s going to change. Your entire life might be about to change. What we eat and drink is often a habit of group influence, and you”d be surprised how changing your social activities can give you the structure you need to achieve the goal you”re after.

Perhaps you have a regular happy hour meeting with friends. Could that be turned into a walk or a round of golf? If so, your diet and health will thank you. There are also group dieting apps and sites out there that can give you a new way to socialize with healthy people.


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