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The Google wallet is a device that is being compared to PayPal. This is not because it is viciously like PayPal, but is simply because it becomes hard to describe if you cannot use it as an example. The Google wallet allows you to create a balance on its system in the same way that PayPal does, and it makes it so that you can upload your card details (more than one if you wish) onto the account so that you can use your Google wallet to pay for things online (like PayPal). The big difference is that the Google wallet is also able to be used in America to pay for things wirelessly in stores.

This is not the case in other parts of the world. It is true that PayPal may also be accepted in stores, but you have to use its debit card in order to do it. Whereas, with the Google wallet you can wirelessly transmit your payment over to the store (in selected/applicable stores). Currently the Google wallet is definitely available for the Android. As for whether it is definitely available (and working) on the other operating systems is a matter for debate within the online community.


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Does the Google wallet app even exist?

There is some belief that it is just a program that you use, a bit like how you can log onto PayPal, but also may have an app. There is an app for the Google Wallet, but yes the similarities between it and PayPal may confuse some people and some people may belief that the app does not exist when it actually does.

Where may I find a Google Wallet app?

You can get one in the Google Play store if you have an Android to put it on. If you are going to get it for your Android, then get it from Google Play and nowhere else. There are a lot of people who are going to want the financial information that you put into your app. That is why you must download it from the Google Play store only, as other locations may make have spyware or malware on, or may simply be unsecured.

The Google wallet is not a new concept

There are similar concepts out there when it comes to both the online money payment features and even the wireless payment features within stores. The Google wallet program itself is not that young, but it has just been updated so it is likely to become more popular in the near future.

It is now possible to store your credit and debit cards on the Google wallet. This means that you can load money onto it. It also means it is possible to start paying for stuff with it both online and offline, but you can only do it offline if you are in America. And, the American store must have the correct and secure receiving equipment.

What has Google said about it?

Google has gone to the trouble of releasing information about its Google wallet. The trouble is that most of it is marred with the Google secrecy and vagueness. Google has a habit of releasing just enough information to leave people with questions. It would surprise nobody if all the staff walked around the office talking out of the sides of their mouths and whispering in the bathroom. They have definitively said that it is only fully available in America at the moment, but that the app is available in other countries.

What are the facts about the phones the Google wallet is compatible with?

There is a little bit of fuss as to what is what, but Google have confirmed that it works for the Android v2.3+. The fact that it works for most of the Android versions is hardly surprising, since Google own the Android operating system. Our repeated tests have also proved that it works for the iPhone iOS v6.0+. You can pay in applicable American stores with your Android, but only if it has NFC functionality. The NFC thing is not available on all of the Android phones, and only a few have it.

You can send money to an email address

This is one of the good things about PayPal, in that you are able to send money to another person who has PayPal, and instead of having to take down their card details, you are able to simply use their PayPal email address (the email address you assigned to your PayPal account). The Google wallet is now able to do the same thing, as it allows you to send money to people using just their email address. Just so long as they also have a Google wallet account.


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