4 Ways Changing Your Walls Can Change Your Life

Want to change your life for the better? Start by focusing on your environment, and specifically your walls. They take up a lot of real estate in the home, but most people stick with various shades of creams, grays and other neutrals. That can lead to a soothing or relaxing impact, but you can do a lot more with color than you realize.

Remember that if the thought of painting gives you hive, you can always rely on a professional painting crew to take care of the dirty work for you. However, there are also many benefits to hosting a painting party or doing it yourself. Here are the top ways changing your walls can change your life (for good):

1. Control your mood

The experts at WebMD are quick to point out that color can control your mood and temperament, so choose wisely. You want to feel relaxed in the bedroom and bathroom, inspired in the kitchen, and maybe a mixture of both in the family room. If you just had to have that bright red accent wall in the bedroom, it might be bringing more unrest than passion.


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2. The act of painting is meditative

According to The Globe and Mail, meditation can actually save your life, but you don’t need to sit in the lotus position to take advantage of meditative qualities. Doing something mundane that keeps your body busy and allows your mind to clear is also a form of meditation. Some people paint not just for the end result, but also for the act itself. If you paint solo or in comfortable silence with others, it’s a great way to relax and reflect.

3. It provides a social outlet

Hosting a painting party is a great way to get friends together while also taking care of a task. Plus, you’ll feel the love of those near and dear whenever you pass through the room. All you need is music, some takeout and beverages to get the party started. Plus, everyone else will get good karma points.

4. Lighten or enlarge your room

The right color and shade can make a room feel lighter, brighter and bigger. This is a must if you want more space in your life, and can also help get you more value for your home. Everyone wants a home that seems bigger, and the trickery of shades can do that for you without the need of a contractor.


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