How to Become a High School Tutor

High school students are often eager to help their peers understand the material and prepare for the next grade. They’re not always up for sitting in a classroom all day, though. That’s where you come in as a high school tutor! To become a high school tutor, you will need to have an excellent grasp of the subject matter, strong organizational skills, and an unwavering resolve to stick with it. Here’s everything you need to know about becoming a high school tutor, from how much money you can make to the resources available at your disposal.

What is a High School Tutor?

A high school tutor is someone who helps another high school student understand a subject. Generally, a high school tutor is an adult who is part of a school’s community and willing to help students with their studies. A high school tutor can be a member of the faculty or staff, an after-school program provider, or a family member.


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Why Become a High School Tutor?

There are a few main reasons why a high school student might seek help with their studies. Sometimes, a student might have ADHD, which can make it difficult for them to focus on school work. Heightened anxiety about the future might also cause a student to seek tutoring. However, many times, a high school student just wants to try something new and exciting. With the right help, any student — even one with little experience in academics — can be successful in high school. Tutoring allows you to explore new options, meet new people, and, most importantly, make some extra money.

How to Become a High School Tutor

While there are many different routes you could take to become one of the most competent high school tutors, the most popular method is to offer your services online. There are no set rules when it comes to where you should offer your tutoring services, either — you could advertise in school newspapers, on bulletin boards, or on social media. Once you’ve picked a location, you’ll need to develop an online presence. While online forums might be a popular option, you can maximize your presence by creating a website and Facebook page.

Should You Become a High School Tutor?

Despite all of the benefits, becoming a high school tutor is no easy feat. It takes a dedicated student with above-average organizational skills and an unwavering resolve to stick with it. If you’re interested in becoming a high school tutor, but are concerned about the challenges involved, read on. There are a few benefits to becoming a high school tutor, but the main one is financial. There are three main ways to make money as high school tutors. First, you can list your services and charge a fee per hour. This can be done through sites like Teachable or Bloog. Second, you can charge parents. While it’s usually illegal for a high school student to charge their parents for tutoring, there are legal ways to do it. Third, you can offer a combination of both.

Finding Your Tutoring Match-Up

Finding a high school student who needs tutoring is the first step. Use social media to post information about your services and reach out to any students you come across. When you find a potential student, make sure you meet them in-person. It’s best to choose students who offer to meet with you in person, since they are more likely to be willing to pay for your services. When meeting a potential student, keep the following things in mind: What subject they need help in. What their level of understanding is now. What their level of understanding is now. Where they are in the material. What challenges they are having. What challenges they are having. Where they would like to be in the future.

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