4 Ways to Protect Your Property

There are some weird laws ranging from state to state, but even some allegedly common laws are not so common. For instance, did you know that if anyone (a guest, plumber, babysitter, etc.) gets hurt on your property, you may be held liable? It might be a slip and fall (even if there was nothing slippery on the ground) or a trampoline accident. Simply hosting a party can get you into a world of trouble.

Your ultimate goal is to avoid needing an attorney, but it’s always smart to have a good one in your corner. There’s no need to become a hermit in order to maximize the safeguarding of your property. Play it safe, and you can enjoy your property, share it with loved ones and never worry about pitfalls you don’t see coming. Here are a few great ways to protect your property starting today.

1. Work with an attorney

An attorney can help you spot any potential problem areas, such as a pool or trampoline that might require a little more insurance coverage. Plus, you’re going to need a personal injury attorney at the go should you ever be facing a lawsuit. Research a qualified lawyer today so you’re not rushing if you ever need one.


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2. Review your insurance policies

Few ready-made insurance policies actually provide the kind of coverage you need. For instance, renter’s and homeowner’s insurance doesn’t come with earthquake coverage, but you can tack it on for around $10 per month. The same is true of most other Acts of God such as floods or hurricanes. Many people learn this lesson out the hard way.

3. Think like a criminal

Burglars and vandals are usually opportunists, so think like them and follow the advice of local police. Don’t showboat, only take out recycling and garbage the day of collection, and ensure there’s plenty of exterior light around your home. A solid core door with a kickplate is the best option for exterior doors, and both a dog and alarm system are fantastic deterrents.

4. Don’t announce vacation plans on social media

Doing so is simply advertising an empty house. Only post vacation photos after the fact and make that abundantly clear. Get a house sitter if possible, or at the very least have a trusted neighbor collect mail or any door hangers so it’s not obvious that you’re away.

Protecting your property doesn’t take much time, money or effort and it’s well worth the headache you’ll save yourself.


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