Unlock Your Locked Cell Phone

Most of the smart phones sold in North America are ‘locked’ to a particular wireless carriers. So, if you want to switch to another carrier, you have to ‘unlock’ your cell phone first. Unlocking is completely different from rooting and jail breaking, which bypass other software restrictions on mobile devices.

One of the important point to keep in mind is that, cell phones won’t always be capable of working on another carrier even if they are unlocked. You can’t unlock a CDMA phone purchased on Verizon & take it to AT&T’s GSM network or vice versa.

Before unlocking your phone, make sure that your phone will actually be capable of functioning on that carriers network.


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Is Unlocking your Smart Phone Illegal?

Recently, Federal Communication Commission came to an agreement with US Wireless carriers that will make it easier for consumers to unlock their cell phones.

Why Are Cell Phones Locked?

Cellular carriers argue that phone locking is necessary part of their business. By locking phone they sell on contract, they are able to keep customer on their network, so they will continue paying their monthly bills.

But after the Federal Communication Commission passes the agreement with US wireless carriers, makes easier for consumers to unlock their mobile devices. There are various smart phone unlocking company, that will help you to unlock your Smartphone easily.


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